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Discover the reasons that families love CDT!

Ms Erika is magical. This is the third studio we've tried and I adore her! Her classes are just the right mix of silly fun and dance techniques. She's also so sweet and patient with the students. I'll keep H. here as long as I can.

Heather L - (parent of a 6 year old dancer)

I love this studio and it has been such a warm, nurturing and loving place for my kids. I just want everyone to have that for their kids as well!

Lindsey J - (parent of 10, 7, & 3 year old dancers)

We are very excited for the recital! N. has absolutely loved Ms Erin’s class. I couldn’t be more happy with the studio and I’m so happy we switched over.

Jess D - (parent of 6 year old dancer)

CDT has been a second home for all of my children. Its nurturing environment provides a safe space for students of all ages to grow their confidence and make lasting friendships. We love CDT!

Jerraca B - (parent of 16 year old dancer)

"It was flawless!"

My daughter S. had an absolutely wonderful first class at CDT! She has done dance classes before (including most recently one week of CDT's Dance Camp). She wanted the class to go longer, haha! I wanted to let you know how absolutely fantastic it was to watch the class - Miss Erika was phenomenal! Balancing multiple children and their varying attention spans/listening skills/emotions, teaching technique yet doing so in a fun age-centric way, and packing a wonderful amount of activity into 45 minutes. It was flawless. I was a dancer from age 5 through college, including dance team coach, and just so so appreciated and was in awe of her! I couldn't help but send a note.

Maya P - (parent of a 4 year old dancer)

"...welcomes all dancers as they are..."

My boys have loved dancing at CDT for years! From the time they were little to the teen years, this studio welcomes all dancers as they are. The kids build such a great community with each other and the instructors, especially as they get older and work together more and more as a team. This is a truly special place.

Mimi L - (parent of 14, 11, & 8 year old dancers)

"Wonderful for development..."

We were so impressed with how sweet Ms. Erika & Ms. Kate were with the kids and are so excited for lots of more dance time together! We talk all the time about how wonderful dance class has been for O. and her development. It’s definitely our favorite part of our week. We appreciate all that the CDT team does!

Jordan F - (parent of 22 month old dancer)

"More, more, more dance class!"

Thank you so much for working so hard to help E find a class. I am so blown away by how much you have all worked with our family. Plus, E loved her first class. She was definitely a little shy but by the end said she wanted to do "More, more, more dance class!"

Audrey - (parent of 3 year old dancer)

"For the pure joy of it."

We appreciate that CDT is a studio where our dancer can learn a variety of dance styles and improve her skills for the pure joy of it, without the stress of competition and overly strict teaching. We particularly like the live performance experience she receives, and the annual recital is excellent!

Dana B - parent of 13 year old dancer

"What an amazing experience..."

We were out to eat at the restaurant next door and parked nearby...our daughter saw CDT through the window, and said she wanted to do that (while pointing) and is in LOVE with it!! Her dad and I played baseball and softball in college, so it's new territory for us. What an amazing experience, all of the teachers are so great with the kids and provide a wonderful class!

Janet G - (parent of 4 year old dancer)

"Cannot speak highly enough..."

I LOVE your program, and I am so glad we finally got the chance to try it out. Ms. Erica and Mr. Rainier are absolutely amazing, and I cannot speak highly enough to others.

Kristina G - (parent of 4 year old dancer)

"A second home..."

CDT is a second home for my daughter. She is a teen dancer and student teacher at CDT. In addition to learning technique and choreography, she learns how to be a leader, teammate, and choreographer. She finds her creative voice while being part of a supportive and loving community.

Jean D - (parent of 16 year old current dancer and a CDT alum)

We're so excited to continue these classes, I think they've been really good for C.'s development

Johanna H - (parent of a 2 year old dancer)

Our daughter LOVES dance SO MUCH! I’m not kidding when I say that she has blossomed so much as an individual since starting dance at CDT. We have seen so much change in her for the better, and we could not be happier.

Leigh M - (parent of 5 year old dancer)

Can you please tell the dance teachers of the cheer class that they are amazing?! Callie had the most fun she has ever had at dance. When we got home she said, "Can we do that again tomorrow?" They are great!

Sarah R - (parent of 7 year old dancer)

For as long as my girl is happy and wants to dance, we will be at CDT. Thank you for always being so sweet to her. I don't know where Miss Erika gets all the patience that she has, but it's amazing.

Ashley D - (parent of 6 year old dancer)
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