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Summer Dance Camps

For the child looking to immerse themselves in dance while school is out, dance camps with CDT offer a fun and fulfilling way to make friends, improve their skills, and get moving! Scroll below for full FAQs and Pricing! 

Summer Camps 2024:

Pink  = Almost Full!  Orange = Only 1 Spot Remaining!

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Morning Camps:
9 am - 12 pm

1/2 day, 5 days a week, 1 week.


Afternoon Camps:
12:30 pm - 3:30 pm

1/2 day, 5 days a week, 1 week.


All Day Camp*:
9 am - 3:30 pm

Full day, 5 days a week, 1 week. Includes early drop off and lunch care. 


Add-On Care

Early Drop-Off 8:30 am: $10/day or $40 a week

Lunch Care 12-12:30: $10/day or $40/week

Early and Lunch Care:

$20/day or $75/week

**Camp enrollment is also subject to our $25.00 Annual Registration Fee per family. The fee is waived for the Summer Session if your family paid a registration fee in the  previous Fall/Spring Session.

Dance Camp FAQ:

What are Dance Camps?

Dance camps are a fun way for dancers to learn and play for 15 consecutive hours. Throughout the week, they learn 4-6 dances which are presented at the end of the week to families. Each camp is 5 days long, follows a specific theme, has a daily unique craft, and presents a mini show. For 2024, we are offering camps for two different age brackets; 4-9 yrs and 5.5 or 6-11 yrs. 

Who can do Dance Camps?

All of our morning (9AM - 12PM) camps are for ages 4-9 yrs. Almost all of our afternoon (12:30-3:30PM) camps are for the 5.5/6-11 yrs age bracket, except for weeks 1, 2 and 4 — which are now also for 4-9yr olds due to increased demand. During these 3 weeks (1, 2, & 4), any age from 4-9 can enroll in the full day camp. Students do not need previous experience or dance exposure to enroll. Friend groups are welcome!

What is the difference between the younger and older camps?

Our younger (4-9yrs) camps focus more time on creative activities, story creation and dancing, and prop dancing. Each day follows the same format: dance, snack, story, dance, craft, cool down. Themes are usually centered around a place or character that is easy to visualize for young children. For example, in “Fairytale” camp (week 9), the dancers will read and act out various fairy tales, embody common themes and characters found in fairytales, complete fairytale-related crafts, and present fairytale-themed dances in their show. 


Our older (5.5/6-11yrs) camps focus much more time on technique, which usually relates to the theme of the camp. For example, camps like “Musicals” (week 3) will focus on types of dance that are common in the theatre world — such as tap and jazz. Each day the dancers would focus exclusively on those styles. It is a great opportunity for dancers who want to refine their technique in a specific style, with 5 days of consecutive movement. This is also a great way for dancers to try a type of dance that is new to them and come away with enough technique and/or vocabulary to feel comfortable taking that type of dance class in the future! Similar to the younger camps, each day will follow a specific schedule: dance, snack, dance, craft.

Can my child take both morning and afternoon camp at once?

Yes! If your child falls in both age brackets for that week, we have the option of full-day camps. They are required to pack a sack lunch each day in addition to their snack, which they would eat between the camps during lunch/rest time. As our themes are unique to each camp, there will not be overlap in activities.


Do you offer before/after care?

Yes, for an additional fee we can accept students half an hour before the morning camp begins, or the lunch period between camps can be added on. 

More Details:



Our dance camps are a great summer activity! If your child loves to dance, and you are looking for a positive and entertaining way to occupy your child’s time this summer, then here’s the thing for you!


Camps sessions are available for children aged 4-11.


$175 per week for a 1/2 days, $325 per week for full day.  


Camps are 5 days long each, from 9 am to 12 pm, or 12:30 - 3:30 pm. 8:30 minute early drop-off can be added for $10 per day/$40 per week, and lunch can be added to morning camps for a 12:30 pickup for $10 per day/$40 per week as well. (Advance notice required when enrolling). 

Friday Performance

After a week of training and practicing, our campers prepare a show for parents on the final Friday to celebrate all they've learned! 

Ready to sign up?

Further registration FAQ can be found here.

We do our best to keep our website up to date with our availability! If a camp is not listed as full on this page, chances are there is still room! To inquire about space or a wait list spot, please email

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