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Dance Attire

Dance attire and shoes can be purchased at Dancer's Choice Premium Dance Supply (9155 Brown Deer Rd Unit 6, San Diego, CA 92121) or online at (studio code is TP31429). Other options include Target and Amazon.


Dance 'n Play and Creative Ballet (all genders): Comfortable clothing that allows for safe movement. Please no cropped clothing or jeans. Ballet attire, tights, and ballet shoes are welcomed but not required.

Ballet and Pointe: Girls: Leotard (any color/style), pink/skin-colored tights, skirt or shorts (optional) Boys: Black pants, fitted shirt

“Pop” Hop and Hip Hop (all genders): Sportswear or active wear

Acro (all genders): Tight fitted clothing. Loose clothing poses a safety risk and can only be worn during stretches. Boys need to wear tight fitting shorts under their shorts and may need to be comfortable being shirtless to accommodate for grip and mitigate slipping hazards to other students. Girls can wear leotards, bike shorts, and tight legging/yoga pants as long as they are cotton based and not shiny/silky. Students will be upside down, sideways, and holding other students so clothing that covers their bodies appropriately helps avoid many issues and is a necessity.

Summer Camp: Ballet and/or other dance attire is not required, however, dancers should wear clothing that is both easy to move in and light and comfortable (keep in mind that it can get warm in the studio!). Additionally, we provide a daily craft that often includes paint — and while we do have paint shirts and aprons available, accidents can happen!

All Other Classes: Leotard (any color/style), tights, skirt or shorts (optional), active or sportswear

  • Acro: Bare feet

  • Ballet: Ballet shoes (pink/skin-colored for girls, black/ skin-colored for boys)

  • Creative Ballet: Ballet shoes (pink/skin-colored for girls, black/skin-colored for boys) or bare feet

  • Pointe: Pink/skin-colored pointe shoes (ask instructor for purchasing guidelines)

  • Jazz: Black jazz shoes (lace up or slip on)

  • Tap: Black tap shoes

  • “Pop” Hop and Hip Hop: Athletic style sneakers with tread on the bottom

  • Summer Camp: Specific shoes are not required; most dancing will be done barefoot. However, if your student has dance-specific shoes (ballet or jazz) and wants to wear them to dance in, that is also acceptable.

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