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Dance lessons for confidence and fun.

Welcome to Creative Dance Theatre.

Creative Dance Theatre is a positive environment where young people are encouraged to explore and develop their creativity through the art of dance.

What We Offer:

We teach a variety of styles for all ages at CDT, to help immerse the student in the world of dance and all it has to offer. 


Young Children

Starting at 18 months, CDT has classes that explore movement, music, and fun for you and your child. Our program for young children has been lovingly formed over the decades to introduce them to the world of dance and creative movement. Creative Ballet classes for 3-5 yr olds focus on combining basic ballet technique with creative activities to foster a love of dance and self-confidence. 

Elementary-Aged Children

We offer a variety of classes for our TK — 12 yr olds. Combo classes such as ballet/tap or tap/jazz allow students to explore different types of dance within one class, and our hip hop, ballet, modern and contemporary classes allow for focus on one style. Students will learn dance technique as well as find self-confidence to explore movement in a safe space.



Our teen classes offer focused instruction on ballet, pointe, hip hop, tap, contemporary, and modern dance. Perfect for dancers who want to focus on one area of technique, or try something new.

Performing Groups

TOPs and Jr TOPs, are invite-only classes that meet twice weekly. Students form close relationships in these choreography-heavy classes, and grow in confidence as a result. These classes perform at multiple community venues per year, from our annual Winter Showcase and Recital, to street fairs, retirement homes and Disneyland. 



Adults are also part of our CDT family. From Yoga to Exercise to Parent & Me classes, there's something for every dancer. And with drop-in options, it's very convenient to add some movement back into your schedule. 

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